Package org.apache.wicket.util.parse.metapattern

Regular Expressions meta pattern support.


Class Summary
BooleanGroup A Group that captures case-sensitive boolean values "true" or "false".
FloatingPointGroup A Group that captures floating point values (doubles and floats).
Group A Group is a piece of a regular expression (referenced by some Java field or local variable) that forms a "capturing group" within the larger regular expression.
IntegerGroup A Group that captures integer values (positive and negative whole numbers, not Java ints).
MetaPattern Useful class for constructing readable and reusable regular expressions.
OptionalMetaPattern Makes any MetaPattern optional by enclosing the pattern in an optionality expression.

Exception Summary
GroupAlreadyBoundException Thrown if an attempt is made to re-bind a Group to a second capturing group or MetaPattern.
GroupNotBoundException Thrown if a group is not bound.

Package org.apache.wicket.util.parse.metapattern Description

Regular Expressions meta pattern support.

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