Package org.apache.wicket.util.file

File utilities.


Interface Summary
Folder.FileFilter Filter for files
Folder.FolderFilter Filter for folders
IResourceFinder Knows how to find resources.
IResourcePath Knows how to manage paths and folders, and how to find resources in them.

Class Summary
File Simple extension of File that adds an implementation of IModifiable for files.
FileCleaner Keeps track of files awaiting deletion, and deletes them when an associated marker object is reclaimed by the garbage collector.
Files File utility methods.
Folder This folder subclass provides some type safety and extensibility for "files" that hold other files.
Path Maintains a list of folders as a path.
WebApplicationPath Maintain a list of paths which might either be ordinary folders of the filesystem or relative paths to the web application's servlet context.

Package org.apache.wicket.util.file Description

File utilities.

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