Package org.apache.wicket.util.diff

The diff package implements the differencing engine that JRCS uses.


Interface Summary
DiffAlgorithm A simple interface for implementations of differencing algorithms.
RevisionVisitor Definition of a Visitor interface for Revisions See "Design Patterns" by the Gang of Four

Class Summary
AddDelta Holds an add-delta between to revisions of a text.
ChangeDelta Holds an change-delta between to revisions of a text.
Chunk Holds a information about a part of the text involved in a differencing or patching operation.
DeleteDelta Holds a delete-delta between to revisions of a text.
Delta Holds a "delta" difference between to revisions of a text.
Diff Implements a differencing engine that works on arrays of Object.
DiffUtil This is a utility class.
Revision A Revision holds the series of deltas that describe the differences between two sequences.
ToString This class delegates handling of the to a StringBuffer based version.

Exception Summary
DifferentiationFailedException Thrown whenever the differencing engine cannot produce the differences between two revisions of ta text.
DiffException Base class for all exceptions emanating from this package.
PatchFailedException Thrown whenever a delta cannot be applied as a patch to a given text.

Package org.apache.wicket.util.diff Description

The diff package implements the differencing engine that JRCS uses. The engine has the power of Unix diff, is simple to understand, and can be used independently of the archive handling functionality. The entry point to the differencing engine is class Diff.

Text is represented as Object[] because the diff engine is capable of handling more than plain ascci. In fact, arrays of any type that implements hashCode() and equals() correctly can be subject to differencing using this library.

Two implementations of the differencing algorithm are provided.

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