Package org.apache.wicket.util.collections

Useful collections.


Class Summary
ArrayListStack<T> A faster, smaller stack implementation.
ClassMetaCache<T> This class wraps a WeakHashMap that holds one ConcurrentHashMap per ClassLoader.
ConcurrentHashSet<E> This class implements the Set interface, backed by a ConcurrentHashMap instance.
IntHashMap<V> This is an integer hashmap that has the exact same features and interface as a normal Map except that the key is directly an integer.
MicroMap<K,V> An implementation of the java.util.Map interface which can only hold a single object.
MiniMap<K,V> A fixed size map implementation.
MostRecentlyUsedMap<K,V> Holds a map of most recently used items of a given maximum size.
ReadOnlyIterator<T> Base class for read-only iterators.

Package org.apache.wicket.util.collections Description

Useful collections.

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