Package org.apache.wicket.resource.filtering

Interface Summary
HeaderResponseContainerFilteringHeaderResponse.IHeaderResponseFilter A filter used to bucket your resources, inline scripts, etc, into different responses.

Class Summary
AbstractHeaderResponseFilter A default implementation of IHeaderResponseFilter that returns true for everything.
CssAcceptingHeaderResponseFilter This filter accepts anything that appears to be CSS.
HeaderResponseContainerFilteringHeaderResponse This header response allows you to separate things that are added to the IHeaderResponse into different buckets.
HeaderResponseFilteredResponseContainer A container that renders the content that was bucketed into a certain bucket by HeaderResponseContainerFilteringHeaderResponse.
JavascriptAcceptingHeaderResponseFilter This filter returns the opposite of what CssAcceptingHeaderResponseFilter returns.
JavascriptFilteredIntoFooterHeaderResponse A header response that creates two buckets.
OppositeHeaderResponseFilter A filter that takes another filter and always returns the opposite of another filter.

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