Package org.apache.wicket.protocol.http

HTTP implementation.


Interface Summary
IDestroyableWebApplicationFactory Extension of IWebApplicationFactory that is aware of the filter destruction.
IMultipartWebRequest An interface providing access to multipart content uploads of a WebRequest
IRequestLogger Interface for the request logger and viewer.
IWebApplicationFactory A factory interface used by wicket filter to create application objects.
RequestLogger.ISessionLogInfo This interface can be implemented in a custom session object.
SecondLevelCacheSessionStore.IClusteredPageStore Marker interface for PageStores that support replication of serialized pages across cluster, which means that the lastPage attribute of SecondLevelCacheSessionStore.SecondLevelCachePageMap does not have to be serialized;
SecondLevelCacheSessionStore.IPageStore This interface is used by the SecondLevelCacheSessionStore so that pages can be stored to a persistent layer.
SecondLevelCacheSessionStore.ISerializationAwarePageStore Some PageStores might want to preprocess page before serialization.

Class Summary
AbstractHttpSessionStore Abstract implementation of ISessionStore that works with web applications and that provided some specific http servlet/ session related functionality.
AbstractHttpSessionStore.SessionBindingListener Reacts on unbinding from the session by cleaning up the session related application data.
AjaxEnclosureListener This listener adds Enclosures to AjaxTarget, where the child controller of the said Enclosure is already added.
BufferedWebResponse Subclass of WebResponse which buffers output and any redirection.
ClientProperties Description of various user agent (browser) properties.
ContextParamWebApplicationFactory Factory that creates application objects based on the class name specified in the ContextParamWebApplicationFactory.APP_CLASS_PARAM context variable.
HttpSessionStore Default web implementation of ISessionStore that uses the HttpSession to store its attributes.
IRequestLogger.RequestData This class hold the information one request of a session has.
MockHttpServletRequest Mock servlet request.
MockHttpServletResponse Mock servlet response.
MockHttpSession Mock implementation of the WebSession interface for use by the test harnesses.
MockServletContext Mock implementation of the servlet context for testing purposes.
MockWebApplication This class provides a mock implementation of a Wicket HTTP based tester that can be used for testing.
ReloadingWicketFilter Custom WicketFilter that reloads the web applications when classes are modified.
ReloadingWicketServlet Custom WicketServlet that reloads the web applications when classes are modified.
RequestLogger This is the logger class that can be set in the Application.getRequestLogger() method.
RequestLogger.SessionData This class hold the information one request of a session has.
RequestUtils Wicket Http specific utilities class.
SecondLevelCacheSessionStore FIXME document me!
SecondLevelCacheSessionStore.SecondLevelCachePageMap Page map implementation for this session store.
TestFilePageStore Stores pages on disk.
WebApplication A web application is a subclass of Application which associates with an instance of WicketServlet to serve pages over the HTTP protocol.
WebRequest Subclass of Request for HTTP protocol requests which holds an underlying HttpServletRequest object.
WebRequestCycle RequestCycle implementation for HTTP protocol.
WebRequestCycleProcessor Default request processor implementation for normal web applications.
WebResponse Implements responses over the HTTP protocol by holding an underlying HttpServletResponse object and providing convenience methods for using that object.
WebSession A session subclass for the HTTP protocol.
WicketFilter Filter for initiating handling of Wicket requests.
WicketServlet Please use WicketFilter if you require advanced chaining of resources.
WicketURLDecoder Adapted from, but defines instances for query string decoding versus URL path component decoding.
WicketURLEncoder Adapted from, but defines instances for query string encoding versus URL path component encoding.

Enum Summary
WicketURLEncoder.Type encoder types

Exception Summary
IgnoreAjaxRequestException This exception is thrown in Session class when an Ajax requests attempts to get a lock on pagemap while a regular request is processing the same page.
PageExpiredException Thrown when the WebRequestCycleProcessor could not process the request or AbstractRequestCycleProcessor could not resolve the rendered page.
WebApplicationFactoryCreationException Thrown when the IWebApplicationFactory could not be created for some reason.

Package org.apache.wicket.protocol.http Description

HTTP implementation.

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