Interface AutoLinkResolver.IAutolinkResolverDelegate

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public static interface AutoLinkResolver.IAutolinkResolverDelegate

Interface to delegate the actual resolving of auto components to.

Method Summary
 Component newAutoComponent(MarkupContainer container, String autoId, AutoLinkResolver.PathInfo pathInfo)
          Returns a new auto component based on the pathInfo object.

Method Detail


Component newAutoComponent(MarkupContainer container,
                           String autoId,
                           AutoLinkResolver.PathInfo pathInfo)
Returns a new auto component based on the pathInfo object. The auto component must have the autoId assigned as it's id. Should return null in case the component could not be created as expected and the default resolving should take place.

container - the parent container
autoId - the automatically generated id for the auto component
pathInfo - the path info object that contains information about the link reference
a new auto component or null in case this method couldn't resolve to a proper auto component

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