Package org.apache.wicket.markup.repeater

Interface Summary
IItemFactory<T> Factory interface for creating new child item containers for AbstractPageableView.
IItemReuseStrategy Interface for item reuse strategies.

Class Summary
AbstractPageableView<T> An abstract repeater view that provides paging functionality to its subclasses.
AbstractRepeater Base class for repeaters.
DefaultItemReuseStrategy Implementation of IItemReuseStrategy that returns new items every time.
Item<T> Container that holds components in a RefreshingView.
Item.IndexComparator Comparator that compares Items by their index property
OddEvenItem<T> Item that sets class="even" or class="odd" attributes based on its index
RefreshingView<T> An abstract repeater view that provides refreshing functionality to its subclasses.
RepeatingView A repeater view that renders all of its children, using its body markup, in the order they were added.
ReuseIfModelsEqualStrategy Reuse strategy that will reuse an old item if its model is equal to a model inside the newModels iterator.

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