Class ExtendedOpenCloseTagExpander

  extended by org.apache.wicket.markup.parser.AbstractMarkupFilter
      extended by org.apache.wicket.markup.parser.filter.OpenCloseTagExpander
          extended by org.apache.wicket.markup.parser.filter.ExtendedOpenCloseTagExpander
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public class ExtendedOpenCloseTagExpander
extends OpenCloseTagExpander

MarkupFilter that expands all xhtml tag which are open-close in the markup but where the standard requires it to have a body. See WICKET-2650 for another use case where you want to avoid situations where your java code wants to render a body text, but because of the open-close tag Wicket's render engine will not call onComponentTagBody(). And you'll not get a warning or exception. This filter is not added by default. You may add it like:

 Application#init() {
   getMarkupSettings().setMarkupParserFactory() {
      new MarkupParserFactory() {
        MarkupParser newMarkupParser(final MarkupResourceStream resource) {
                  MarkupParser parser=super.newMarkupParser(resource);
            parser.appendMarkupFilter(new ExtendedOpenCloseTagExpander());
            return parser;
You may subclass ExtendedOpenCloseTagExpander and implement your own contains(String) to throw an exception or log a warning instead of changing open-close to open-body-close.

Juergen Donnerstag

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  boolean contains(String name)
          Allows subclasses to easily expand the list of tag which needs to be expanded.
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Constructor Detail


public ExtendedOpenCloseTagExpander()
Method Detail


protected boolean contains(String name)
Description copied from class: OpenCloseTagExpander
Allows subclasses to easily expand the list of tag which needs to be expanded.

contains in class OpenCloseTagExpander
true, if needs expansion
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