Package org.apache.wicket.markup.html.tree

Package for Tree components.


Interface Summary
BaseTree.ILinkCallback Helper class for calling an action from a link.
ITreeState Tree state holds information about a tree such as which nodes are expanded / collapsed and which nodes are selected, It can also fire callbacks on listener in case any of the information changed.
ITreeStateListener Methods this interface are called when tree state is changing.

Class Summary
AbstractTree This class encapsulates the logic for displaying and (partial) updating the tree.
BaseTree An abstract Tree component that should serve as a base for custom Tree Components.
BaseTree.LinkType The type of junction links and node selection links.
DefaultTreeState Default implementation of TreeState.
LabelIconPanel Simple panel that contains an icon next to a label.
LabelTree Simple tree component that uses label to render tree node.
LinkIconPanel Simple panel that contains a link with icon and a link with a label.
LinkTree Simple tree component that provides node panel with link allowing user to select individual nodes.

Package org.apache.wicket.markup.html.tree Description

Package for Tree components.

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