Package org.apache.wicket.markup.html.navigation.paging

Interface Summary
IPageable Components that implement this interface will be pageable, they should return the pagecount so that an object/component knows how many pages it can use for the setCurrentPage method.
IPagingLabelProvider This interface is used by the PagingNavigator components to get the label of the pages there are for a IPageable component.

Class Summary
PagingNavigation A navigation for a PageableListView that holds links to other pages of the PageableListView.
PagingNavigationIncrementLink<T> An incremental link to a page of a PageableListView.
PagingNavigationLink<T> A link to a page of a PageableListView.
PagingNavigator A Wicket panel component to draw and maintain a complete page navigator, meant to be easily added to any PageableListView.

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