Uses of Class

Packages that use PopupSettings Link components. 

Uses of PopupSettings in

Methods in that return PopupSettings
 PopupSettings Link.getPopupSettings()
          Gets the popup specification.
 PopupSettings ExternalLink.getPopupSettings()
          Gets the popup specification.
 PopupSettings PopupSettings.setHeight(int popupHeight)
          Sets the popup window height.
 PopupSettings PopupSettings.setLeft(int popupPositionLeft)
          Sets the left position of the popup window.
 PopupSettings PopupSettings.setTop(int popupPositionTop)
          Sets the top position of the popup window.
 PopupSettings PopupSettings.setWidth(int popupWidth)
          Sets the popup window width.
 PopupSettings PopupSettings.setWindowName(String popupWindowName)
          Sets the window name.

Methods in with parameters of type PopupSettings
 Link<T> Link.setPopupSettings(PopupSettings popupSettings)
          Sets the popup specification.
 ExternalLink ExternalLink.setPopupSettings(PopupSettings popupSettings)
          Sets the popup specification.

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