Interface IMarkupResourceStreamProvider

All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultMarkupResourceStreamProvider, PageWithCustomLoading, VelocityPanel

public interface IMarkupResourceStreamProvider

To be implemented by MarkupContainer which wish to implement their own algorithms for loading the markup resource stream.

Note: IResourceStreamLocators should be used in case the strategy to find a markup resource is meant to be applied to ALL components of your application.

Note: See IMarkupCacheKeyProvider if you wish to implement your own cache key algorithm, which sometimes is useful when the MarkupContainer implements its own IMarkupResourceStreamProvider as well.

Juergen Donnerstag
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Method Summary
 IResourceStream getMarkupResourceStream(MarkupContainer container, Class<?> containerClass)
          Create a new markup resource stream for the container.

Method Detail


IResourceStream getMarkupResourceStream(MarkupContainer container,
                                        Class<?> containerClass)
Create a new markup resource stream for the container.

Note: usually it will only called once, as the IResourceStream will be cached by MarkupCache.

container - The MarkupContainer which requests to load the Markup resource stream
containerClass - The container the markup should be associated with
A IResourceStream if the resource was found

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