Interface IFilteredColumn<T>

Type Parameters:
T -
All Superinterfaces:
ICellPopulator<T>, IClusterable, IColumn<T>, IDetachable, Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
ChoiceFilteredPropertyColumn, FilteredAbstractColumn, FilteredPropertyColumn, TextFilteredPropertyColumn

public interface IFilteredColumn<T>
extends IColumn<T>

Represents a data table column that can be filtered. The filter is represented by a component returned from the getFilter() method.

Igor Vaynberg (ivaynberg)
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Method Summary
 Component getFilter(String componentId, FilterForm<?> form)
          Returns the component used by user to filter the column.
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getHeader, getSortProperty, isSortable
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Method Detail


Component getFilter(String componentId,
                    FilterForm<?> form)
Returns the component used by user to filter the column. If null is returned, no filter will be added.

componentId - component id for returned filter component
form - FilterForm object for the toolbar. components can use this form's model to access properties of the state object ( PropertyModel(form.getModel(), "property") or retrieve the IFilterStateLocator object by using FilterForm.getStateLocator()
component that will be used to represent a filter for this column, or null if no such component is desired

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