Package org.apache.wicket.extensions.ajax.markup.html.autocomplete

Interface Summary
IAutoCompleteRenderer<T> A renderer used to generate html output for the AutoCompleteBehavior.

Class Summary
AbstractAutoCompleteRenderer<T> A renderer that abstracts autoassist specific details and allows subclasses to only render the visual part of the assist instead of having to also render the necessary autoassist javascript hooks.
AbstractAutoCompleteTextRenderer<T> Base for text renderers that simply want to show a string
AutoCompleteBehavior<T> This behavior builds on top of AbstractAutoCompleteBehavior by introducing the concept of a IAutoCompleteRenderer to make response writing easier.
AutoCompleteSettings This class encapsulates various settings for AbstractAutoCompleteBehavior.
AutoCompleteTextField<T> An implementation of a textfield with the autoassist ajax behavior AutoCompleteBehavior.
DefaultCssAutocompleteTextField<T> An AutoCompleteTextField which automatically includes the default CSS for the suggestions.
StringAutoCompleteRenderer An renderer that calls object.toString() to get the text value.

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