Package org.apache.wicket.examples.ajax.builtin

Class Summary
AjaxApplication Application object for the wicked ajax examples
AutoCompletePage Page that demos the ajax auto complete text field
BasePage Base page for ajax example
ChoicePage Linked select boxes example
Clock A simple component that displays current time
ClockPage A simple clock example page
EditableLabelPage Page to demo the inplace edit label AjaxEditableLabel
EffectsPage Demonstrates ajax effects
FileUploadPage Demos ajax handling of a multipart form
FormPage Page to demonstrate instant ajax validaion feedback.
FormPage.Bean simple java bean.
GuestBook Ajax enabled example for the guestbook.
Index Wicket ajax example index page
LinksPage Ajax links demo.
PageablesPage Shows an ajaxian paging navigator in action.
RatingsPage Demo page for the rating component.
RatingsPage.RatingModel Rating model for storing the ratings, typically this comes from a database.
TabbedPanelPage Tabbed panel demo.
TodoList Ajax todo list without having to write any JavaScript yourself.
TodoList.TodoItem The todo object.
WorldClockPage A world clock example page.

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