Class WicketExampleRequestCycle

  extended by org.apache.wicket.RequestCycle
      extended by org.apache.wicket.protocol.http.WebRequestCycle
          extended by org.apache.wicket.examples.WicketExampleRequestCycle

public class WicketExampleRequestCycle
extends WebRequestCycle

Handles the PageExpiredException so that the SourcesPage can recover from a session expired.


Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.apache.wicket.RequestCycle
application, processor, request, response
Constructor Summary
WicketExampleRequestCycle(WebApplication application, WebRequest request, Response response)
Method Summary
 Page onRuntimeException(Page page, RuntimeException e)
          Template method that is called when a runtime exception is thrown, just before the actual handling of the runtime exception.
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getProcessor, getWebRequest, getWebResponse, getWebSession, isRedirect, newBrowserInfoPage, newClientInfo, onExceptionLoop, redirectTo
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Constructor Detail


public WicketExampleRequestCycle(WebApplication application,
                                 WebRequest request,
                                 Response response)

application -
request -
response -
Method Detail


public Page onRuntimeException(Page page,
                               RuntimeException e)
Description copied from class: RequestCycle
Template method that is called when a runtime exception is thrown, just before the actual handling of the runtime exception. This is called by AbstractRequestCycleProcessor.respond(RuntimeException, RequestCycle).

onRuntimeException in class RequestCycle
page - Any page context where the exception was thrown
e - The exception
Any error page to redirect to
See Also:
RequestCycle.onRuntimeException(org.apache.wicket.Page, java.lang.RuntimeException)

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