Package org.apache.wicket.behavior

Interface Summary
IActivePageBehaviorListener An extended IBehaviorListener which will be ignored if the page is not the last one the user accessed.
IBehavior Behaviors are kind of plug-ins for Components.
IBehaviorListener Listens for requests to behaviors.
IComponentConfigurationBehavior An add-on interface for IBehavior instances that want to contribute to a component's configuration.
IIgnoreDisabledComponentBehavior Interface that can be used to tag behaviors where response should be called on even if the component is disabled.

Class Summary
AbstractAjaxBehavior Abstract class for handling Ajax roundtrips.
AbstractBehavior Adapter implementation of IBehavior.
AbstractHeaderContributor Behavior that delegates header contribution to a number of other contributors.
AttributeAppender AttributeModifier that appends the given value, rather than replace it.
BehaviorsUtil This class contains a convenience method neccesary only until 1.5 when we can make Component.getBehaviors(Class) public
HeaderContributor A AbstractHeaderContributor behavior that is specialized on package resources.
SimpleAttributeModifier A lightweight version of the attribute modifier.
StringHeaderContributor A simple header contributor that just spits out the string it is constructed with as a header contribution.

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