Package org.apache.wicket.application

Interface Summary
IClassResolver An interface to code which finds classes and resources
IComponentInitializationListener Listener interface that receives messages when components are initialized (after Component#onInitialize method has been executed).
IComponentInstantiationListener Listener interface that receives messages when components are constructed.
IComponentOnAfterRenderListener Listener that is called after component's Component.onAfterRender() method was invoked.
IComponentOnBeforeRenderListener Listener that is called right after the component's Component.onBeforeRender() method was invoked.

Class Summary
DefaultClassResolver Resolves a class by using the classloader that loaded this class.
ReloadingClassLoader Custom ClassLoader that reverses the classloader lookups, and that is able to notify a listener when a class file is changed.
WildcardMatcherHelper This class is an utility class that perform wildcard-patterns matching and isolation.

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