This page contains a list of major policies agreed upon by the Apache Unomi community.


Apache Unomi makes minor releases every 6 weeks. Apache Unomi has a calendar for cutting the next release branch. After a release branch is cut, the community works quickly to finalize that release.

Apache Unomi aims to make 8 releases in a 12 month period. To accommodate users with longer upgrade cycles, some of these releases will be tagged as long term support (LTS) releases. LTS releases receive patches to fix major issues for 12 months, starting from the release’s initial release date. There will be at least one new LTS release in a 12 month period, and LTS releases are considered deprecated after 12 months. The community will mark a release as a LTS release based on various factors, such as the number of LTS releases currently in flight and whether the accumulated feature set since the last LTS provides significant upgrade value. Non-LTS releases do not receive patches and are considered deprecated immediately after the next following minor release. We encourage you to update early and often; do not wait until the deprecation date of the version you are using.

It is up to the Apache Unomi community to decide whether an identified issue is a major issue that warrants a patch release. Some examples of major issues are high severity security issues and high risk data integrity issues.

If you wish to report a security vulnerability, please contact security@apache.org. Apache Unomi follows the typical Apache vulnerability handling process.