UIMA Documentation Overview

Authors: The Apache UIMA Development Community

Version 2.4.0

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December, 2011

Books in the UIMA Documentation

The UIMA documentation is available in both PDF and HTML formats. It is divided into four books.

1. Overview & Setup
This includes overview material, a general guide to all the rest of the documentation, and some setup instructions if you are using the Eclipse IDE.
2. UIMA Tutorial and Developers' Guides
This is a set of tutorial chapters and some general overview guides to the major features and capabilities of UIMA.
3. UIMA Tools Guide and Reference
UIMA comes with a set of tools, which are described in this book.
4. UIMA References
Reference materials, covering the XML descriptors, the major APIs, the data interchange formats, and the component packaging.

Release Notes

Click RELEASE_NOTES.html for the 2.4.0 Apache UIMA JAVA SDK release notes.