mod_perl Related Software

Applications running under mod_perl

These application give you an idea of the range of products available for use with mod_perl, which are granted extra speed and/or functionality by taking advantage of the Apache API.

Content Management Systems

Forum Software

See above too, many of the CMSes above feature very good discussion capabilities.

Webmail servers



Of course, not every application running under mod_perl is a Content Management System or a Forum!

The Mason project also has a list of applications running under mod_perl and HTML::Mason.

Toolkits for use with mod_perl

See the Apache/Perl module list and Application Servers and Toolkits based on mod_perl for a list of modules and toolkits running allowing you to tackle web development more easily under mod_perl.

Compatible products


... and many more. Most of the modules for Apache should be able to be used more or less integrated with mod_perl.


Products allowing fast web programming and integration with web servers

Freeware, source code distribution:


Other software solutions exist to run Perl faster than with CGI for web application development. You may want to try these if mod_perl isn't what you need.

Other Languages

Many other languages feature Apache modules to facilitate web development, many being inspired by mod_perl.

Commercial, binary distribution:

If you know of other mod_perl related software products, please send a description to the docs-dev mailing list.