Class FileTransporterFactory

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@Named("file") public final class FileTransporterFactory extends Object implements TransporterFactory
A transporter factory for repositories using the file: protocol.
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    • FileTransporterFactory

      Creates an (uninitialized) instance of this transporter factory. Note: In case of manual instantiation by clients, the new factory needs to be configured via its various mutators before first use or runtime errors will occur.
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    • getPriority

      public float getPriority()
      Description copied from interface: TransporterFactory
      The priority of this factory. When multiple factories can handle a given repository, factories with higher priority are preferred over those with lower priority.
      Specified by:
      getPriority in interface TransporterFactory
      The priority of this factory.
    • setPriority

      public FileTransporterFactory setPriority(float priority)
      Sets the priority of this component.
      priority - The priority.
      This component for chaining, never null.
    • newInstance

      Description copied from interface: TransporterFactory
      Tries to create a transporter for the specified remote repository. Typically, a factory will inspect RemoteRepository.getProtocol() to determine whether it can handle a repository.
      Specified by:
      newInstance in interface TransporterFactory
      session - The repository system session from which to configure the transporter, must not be null. In particular, a transporter should obey the timeouts configured for the session.
      repository - The remote repository to create a transporter for, must not be null.
      The transporter for the given repository, never null.
      NoTransporterException - If the factory cannot create a transporter for the specified remote repository.