Class NamedLockFactoryAdapterFactoryImpl

All Implemented Interfaces:
NamedLockFactoryAdapterFactory, Service

@Singleton @Named public class NamedLockFactoryAdapterFactoryImpl extends Object implements NamedLockFactoryAdapterFactory, Service
Default implementation of NamedLockFactoryAdapterFactory. This implementation creates new instances of the adapter on every call. In turn, on shutdown, it will shut down all existing named lock factories. This is merely for simplicity, to not have to track "used" named lock factories, while it exposes all available named lock factories to callers.

Most members and methods of this class are protected. It is meant to be extended in case of need to customize its behavior. An exception from this are private static methods, mostly meant to provide out of the box defaults and to be used when no Eclipse Sisu component container is used.