All Known Implementing Classes:
BasedirNameMapper, DiscriminatingNameMapper, GAVNameMapper, HashingNameMapper, StaticNameMapper

public interface NameMapper
Component mapping lock names to passed in artifacts and metadata as required.
  • Method Details

    • isFileSystemFriendly

      Returns true if lock names returned by this lock name mapper are file system friendly, can be used as file names and paths.

      Note: The fact that name mapper is "file system friendly" means ONLY that names it produces CAN be used as file names and paths. Still, it does not mean they will work with ANY file based locking, as for example FileLockNamedLockFactory expects names as string encoded URIs. The only name mapper doing it is BasedirNameMapper.

    • nameLocks

      Collection<NamedLockKey> nameLocks(RepositorySystemSession session, Collection<? extends Artifact> artifacts, Collection<? extends Metadata> metadatas)
      Creates (opaque) names for passed in artifacts and metadata. Returned collection has max size of sum of the passed in artifacts and metadata collections, or less. If an empty collection is returned, there will be no locking happening. Never returns null. The resulting collection MUST BE "stable" (always sorted by same criteria) to avoid deadlocks by acquiring locks in same order, essentially disregarding the order of the input collections.

      There is no requirement of any kind of "parity" between input element count (sum of two collections, that is) and output collection size, just the returned upper size limit is defined (sum of the passed in two collections size). If returned collection is empty, no locking will happen, if single element, one lock will be used, if two then two named locks will be used etc.

      Note: name mapper must not use same string for artifacts and metadata, so even the simplest possible implementation like StaticNameMapper uses two different static strings.