Interface VersionFilter

All Known Implementing Classes:
ChainedVersionFilter, ContextualSnapshotVersionFilter, HighestVersionFilter, SnapshotVersionFilter

public interface VersionFilter
Decides which versions matching a version range should actually be considered for the dependency graph. The version filter is not invoked for dependencies that do not declare a version range but a single version.

Note: Implementations must be stateless.

Warning: This hook is called from a hot spot and therefore implementations should pay attention to performance. Among others, implementations should provide a semantic equals() method.

See Also:
  • Method Details

    • filterVersions

      Filters the available versions for a given dependency. Implementations will usually call context.iterator() to inspect the available versions and use Iterator.remove() to delete unacceptable versions. If no versions remain after all filtering has been performed, the dependency collection process will automatically fail, i.e. implementations need not handle this situation on their own.
      context - The version filter context, must not be null.
      RepositoryException - If the filtering could not be performed.
    • deriveChildFilter

      Derives a version filter for the specified collection context. The derived filter will be used to handle version ranges encountered in child dependencies of the current node. When calculating the child filter, implementors are strongly advised to simply return the current instance if nothing changed to help save memory.
      context - The dependency collection context, must not be null.
      The version filter for the target node or null if versions should not be filtered any more.