Doxia Sitetools Skin Model

This is strictly the model for Doxia Sitetools Skin Model, used in skins in META-INF/maven/skin.xml.

The following are generated from this model:

Doxia Sitetools Skin

A Doxia Sitetools skin must contain a Velocity template named META-INF/maven/site.vm: it will be called by Site Renderer with additional variables about the rendered document as documented in the Site Template section, the main variable being bodyContent.

Maven team provides a collection of skins for projects use.

Some documentation is available on how to create a new skin, by copying other skins to benefit from examples of breadcrumbs or menu generation from site model.

Since Doxia Sitetools 1.7, a skin descriptor can be added in META-INF/maven/skin.xml.