Apache Doxia Eclipse Editors

Apache Doxia Eclipse Editors is a collection of Eclipse plugins under development. It includes several new tools to support all Apache Doxia formats in Eclipse, i.e. APT, Confluence, Simplified DocBook, FML, TWiki, XDOC and Xhtml. Moreover, it comes also with wizards.

What can Apache Doxia Eclipse Editors do for you?

These Eclipse plugins:

  • Support all Apache Doxia file formats (as of version 1.3, ie. Markdown not yet supported)
  • Show the rendering of any Apache Doxia file directly, without running mvn site or mvn site:run
  • Support source level color and styles highlighting in the editors
  • Provide helpers to insert commonly used patterns in each format (bold, italic, monospaced, link, table)
  • Include wizards for creating new Apache Doxia files

See the usage page for screenshots and more information.

Brief History

This project was started in 2008 by Vincent Siveton (see DOXIATOOLS-8) but was never released. In August 2011, Hervé Boutemy wanted to revive the project. Benson Margulies was willing to help by making a correct Maven build using OSGi and Tycho. Here we go now.


Use the Eclipse Update Manager to install these plugins:

Go to "Help -> Install New Software... -> Work with:"

You can use the following update site: Apache Doxia Eclipse Editors update site.

You can also use the update site generated by ASF's Jenkins CI job to get the latest updates: Apache Doxia Eclipse Editors (latest build) update site.