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UdpAppender Members

UdpAppender overview

Public Instance Constructors

UdpAppender Constructor Initializes a new instance of the UdpAppender class.

Public Instance Properties

Encoding Gets or sets Encoding used to write the packets.
ErrorHandler (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Gets or sets the IErrorHandler for this appender.
FilterHead (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) The filter chain.
Layout (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Gets or sets the ILayout for this appender.
LocalPort Gets or sets the TCP port number from which the underlying UdpClient will communicate.
Name (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Gets or sets the name of this appender.
RemoteAddress Gets or sets the IP address of the remote host or multicast group to which the underlying UdpClient should sent the logging event.
RemotePort Gets or sets the TCP port number of the remote host or multicast group to which the underlying UdpClient should sent the logging event.
Threshold (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Gets or sets the threshold Level of this appender.

Public Instance Methods

ActivateOptions Initialize the appender based on the options set.
AddFilter (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Adds a filter to the end of the filter chain.
ClearFilters (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Clears the filter list for this appender.
Close (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Closes the appender and release resources.
DoAppend (inherited from AppenderSkeleton)Overloaded. Performs threshold checks and invokes filters before delegating actual logging to the subclasses specific Append method.
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GetType (inherited from Object) Gets the Type of the current instance.
ToString (inherited from Object) Returns a String that represents the current Object.

Protected Instance Properties

Client Gets or sets the underlying UdpClient.
RemoteEndPoint Gets or sets the cached remote endpoint to which the logging events should be sent.
RequiresLayout This appender requires a log4net.Layout to be set.

Protected Instance Methods

Append (inherited from AppenderSkeleton)Overloaded. Append a bulk array of logging events.
AppendOverloaded. This method is called by the DoAppend method.
FilterEvent (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Test if the logging event should we output by this appender
Finalize (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Finalizes this appender by calling the implementation's Close method.
InitializeClientConnection Initializes the underlying UdpClient connection.
IsAsSevereAsThreshold (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Checks if the message level is below this appender's threshold.
MemberwiseClone (inherited from Object) Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.
OnClose Closes the UDP connection and releases all resources associated with this UdpAppender instance.
PreAppendCheck (inherited from AppenderSkeleton) Called before Append as a precondition.
RenderLoggingEvent (inherited from AppenderSkeleton)Overloaded. Renders the LoggingEvent to a string.

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