Pool Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Pool ()
 Pool (apr_pool_t *pool, bool release)
 ~Pool ()
apr_pool_t * getAPRPool ()
apr_pool_t * create ()
void * palloc (size_t length)
char * pstralloc (size_t length)
char * itoa (int n)
char * pstrndup (const char *s, size_t len)
char * pstrdup (const char *s)
char * pstrdup (const std::string &)

Protected Attributes

apr_pool_t * pool
const bool release

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Pool  ) 

Pool apr_pool_t *  pool,
bool  release

~Pool  ) 

Member Function Documentation

apr_pool_t* create  ) 

apr_pool_t* getAPRPool  ) 

char* itoa int  n  ) 

void* palloc size_t  length  ) 

char* pstralloc size_t  length  ) 

char* pstrdup const std::string &   ) 

char* pstrdup const char *  s  ) 

char* pstrndup const char *  s,
size_t  len

Member Data Documentation

apr_pool_t* pool [protected]

const bool release [protected]

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