ObjectPtrT Class Template Reference

Inherits ObjectPtrBase.

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Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class log4cxx::helpers::ObjectPtrT< T >

smart pointer to a Object descendant

Public Member Functions

 ObjectPtrT (const int &null)
 ObjectPtrT ()
 ObjectPtrT (T *p1)
 ObjectPtrT (const ObjectPtrT &p1)
 ObjectPtrT (const ObjectPtrBase &p1)
 ObjectPtrT (ObjectPtrBase &p1)
 ~ObjectPtrT ()
ObjectPtrToperator= (const ObjectPtrT &p1)
ObjectPtrToperator= (const int &null)
ObjectPtrToperator= (T *p1)
ObjectPtrToperator= (ObjectPtrBase &p1)
ObjectPtrToperator= (const ObjectPtrBase &p1)
bool operator== (const ObjectPtrT &p1) const
bool operator!= (const ObjectPtrT &p1) const
bool operator< (const ObjectPtrT &p1) const
bool operator== (const T *p1) const
bool operator!= (const T *p1) const
bool operator< (const T *p1) const
T * operator-> () const
T & operator * () const
 operator T * () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ObjectPtrT const int &  null  )  [inline]

ObjectPtrT  )  [inline]

ObjectPtrT T *  p1  )  [inline]

ObjectPtrT const ObjectPtrT< T > &  p1  )  [inline]

ObjectPtrT const ObjectPtrBase p1  )  [inline]

ObjectPtrT ObjectPtrBase p1  )  [inline]

~ObjectPtrT  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

T& operator *  )  const [inline]

operator T *  )  const [inline]

bool operator!= const T *  p1  )  const [inline]

bool operator!= const ObjectPtrT< T > &  p1  )  const [inline]

T* operator->  )  const [inline]

bool operator< const T *  p1  )  const [inline]

bool operator< const ObjectPtrT< T > &  p1  )  const [inline]

ObjectPtrT& operator= const ObjectPtrBase p1  )  [inline]

ObjectPtrT& operator= ObjectPtrBase p1  )  [inline]

ObjectPtrT& operator= T *  p1  )  [inline]

ObjectPtrT& operator= const int &  null  )  [inline]

ObjectPtrT& operator= const ObjectPtrT< T > &  p1  )  [inline]

bool operator== const T *  p1  )  const [inline]

bool operator== const ObjectPtrT< T > &  p1  )  const [inline]

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