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Basic OCM operations

When you have created a new Object Content Manager in your application, you can use this component to insert, update, delete and retrieve objects. The class ‘Folder’ used in the following sections has to be annotated or defined in a xml file class descriptor.

This page describes only the main Object Content Manager methods. You can see the javadoc to get more information on the API. You can also read the tutorial 5' with Jackrabbit OCM to get more information on how to initialize the Object Content Manager.


Folder folder =  new Folder();
folder.set...(); // call the setter methods


Retrieve and update an object

Folder folder = (Folder) persistenceManager.getObject(Folder.class, "/myfolder");
folder.set...(); // call the setter methods




Save last changes

After some inserts, deletes and/or updates, you can call the method to apply your changes into the JCR repository.