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The Apache Jackrabbit website is generated with the maven-site-plugin from Markdown sources in different Git repositories:

  1. for the path \jcr
  2. for the path \oak
  3. for the path \filevault
  4. for the path \filevault-package-maven-plugin
  5. Every other path is maintained directly within only.

Publishing works by committing the generated pages and assets to the dedicated SVN directory From there the svnpubsub mechanism from ASF publishes the content in

Only Jackrabbit committers are allowed to modify the site content but contributions from anyone via pull requests are highly appreciated.

Usually each page also has an edit button next to the breadcrumb which everyone can use to easily contributes changes.

The website's usage is tracked through Matomo (without leveraging Cookies or collecting PII data). Everyone can inspect the metrics via