Class Hunk3

  • public class Hunk3
    extends Object
    A hunk3 represents a block of a change from the 3-way diff. it can either be a modification on the left side (for which getLeftRange() is not null), or a change on the right side (for which getRightRange() is not null. if the left and the right ranges are null this hunk represents an unmodified block of the base document. if both ranges are NOT null it represents a conflicting block.
    • Field Detail

      • MARKER_L

        public static final String[] MARKER_L
        the left document marker pattern
      • MARKER_R

        public static final String[] MARKER_R
        the right document marker pattern
      • MARKER_B

        public static final String[] MARKER_B
        the base document marker pattern
      • MARKER_M

        public static final String[] MARKER_M
        the separation marker pattern
    • Constructor Detail

      • Hunk3

        public Hunk3​(Range base,
                     Range left,
                     Range right,
                     Hunk3 prev)
        Constructs a new hunk and appends it to the previous one.
        base - the base document
        left - the left document
        right - the right document
        prev - the previous hunk
    • Method Detail

      • next

        public Hunk3 next()
        Returns the next hunk in this chain or null of this hunk is the last one.
        the next hunk.
      • getBaseRange

        public Range getBaseRange()
        Returns the range of the base document this hunk spans.
        the base range.
      • getLeftRange

        public Range getLeftRange()
        Returns the range of the left document this hunk spans. can be null.
        the left range.
      • getRightRange

        public Range getRightRange()
        Returns the range of the right document this hunk spans. can be null.
        the right range.
      • write

        public void write​(DiffWriter out,
                          boolean showBase)
                   throws IOException
        Writes this hunk to a writer. if this hunk represents a conflict it is included in a merge-like manner using the separators defined above.
        out - the writer
        showBase - include the block of the base document in case of a conflict as well.
        IOException - if a I/O error occurs.
      • toString

        public String toString()
        generate a debug string
        toString in class Object
        a debug string
      • getMarker

        public static String getMarker​(String[] fmt,
                                       Document doc)
        Returns the marker string for the given format and document
        fmt - the marker format
        doc - the document or null.
        the marker string