Class ExportRoot

  • public class ExportRoot
    extends Object
    Represents the root of a vault export or a vlt checkout. it has the following structure:
     |-- META-INF
     |   `-- vault
     |       |-- config.xml
     |       |-- filter.xml
     |       |-- nodetypes.cnd
     |       `-- properties.xml
     `-- jcr_root
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExportRoot

        public ExportRoot​(File rootDir)
    • Method Detail

      • isValid

        public boolean isValid()
        Checks if this export root already has the necessary structure setup.
        true if valid.
      • create

        public void create()
                    throws IOException
        Creates the necessary directories if they do not exist yet.
        IOException - if an I/O error occurs
      • getMetaInf

        public MetaInf getMetaInf()
        Returns the meta information.
        the meta information.
      • getRoot

        public File getRoot()
      • getJcrRoot

        public File getJcrRoot()
      • getMetaDir

        public File getMetaDir()