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16th May 2017 release of 2.2.3 See Quick Tour

Apache Archiva™: The Build Artifact Repository Manager

Apache Archiva™ is an extensible repository management software that helps taking care of your own personal or enterprise-wide build artifact repository. It is the perfect companion for build tools such as Maven, Continuum, and ANT.

Archiva offers several capabilities, amongst which remote repository proxying, security access management, build artifact storage, delivery, browsing, indexing and usage reporting, extensible scanning functionality… and many more! Get the latest updates, follow us on twitter @archiva.

And in case you were wondering, it is pronounced ahr-kahy-vuh, like archive but with an a!


Take a look around

Take a look at the screenshots in the feature walkthrough.



Simple out of the box configuration and quick start guide
Read the users guide and administration documentation
For security issues, read the security vulnerabilities document
Documentation is also available for previous versions


Get involved

Get support from the mailing lists and wiki, file issues, and even get involved in the development.


Quick start



Archiva is distributed under the Apache License, version 2.0


We would like to thank all the sponsors that provide financial assistance to the Apache Software Foundation. For more information on how you can support the foundation, see the sponsorship page.


Need more? Try some of these resources.


Apache Maven 2: Effective Implementation (Maria Odea Ching, Brett Porter; September 2009)
Build and manage applications with Maven, Continuum and Archiva

Java Power Tools (John Smart; April 2008)
Contains a section on Archiva and repository management

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