proxyConnector Data Type

Available Since
name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
order int element 1/1 Get the order of the proxy connectors. (0 means no order specified)
Properties inherited from abstractRepositoryConnector
blackListPatterns string element 0/unbounded Method getBlackListPatterns.
disabled boolean element 1/1 Get if the the repository proxy connector is disabled or not .
policies (custom) element 0/1 Method getPolicies.
policiesEntries propertyEntry element 0/unbounded  
properties (custom) element 0/1 Method getProperties.
propertiesEntries propertyEntry element 0/unbounded  
proxyId string element 0/1 Get the network proxy ID to use for this connector.
sourceRepoId string element 0/1 Get the Repository Source for this connector.
targetRepoId string element 0/1 Get the Repository Target for this connector.
whiteListPatterns string element 0/unbounded Method getWhiteListPatterns.