I'd strongly encourage every Java developer to pull [Ivy] down and consider using it to manage dependencies in their Ant builds. As far as I'm concerned, it's a complete no-brainer. Read more
Colin Sampaleanu, core developer of Spring

Ivy's a great library... I've just gone through and implemented a multi-module build using Ivy for full transitive dependency management... Read more
Jason Careira, webwork and xwork project leader

Currently, our application uses more than 40 3rdparty jars. [...] With Ivy, I now have a full accounting of what libraries our project relies on directly. [...] We now have clear understanding of our dependency tree. Read more
Scott Haug, core developer of jobster.com

After spending 10 minutes seeing the demonstrations, Ivy passed the test. [...] In addition, the folks on the Ivy forums were absolutely amazing with support, even when I had problems with my basic configuration file that was completely my fault. Read more
Matthew Porter, co-founder of Metissian and Contegix, author of WebWork Live
the OpenPortal project which has over 700k lines of code now uses Ivy.
it was a life saver for us.
Jeffrey Blattman, OpenPortal committer

Congrats on Ivy. It really is an excellent piece of coherent and consistent software. Pretty much everything works as I expected it to, and it supports pretty much everything I've needed.
Scott Oster, lead architect of caGrid, co-Director of Software Research Institute of the Department of Bio Medical Informatics at the Ohio State University