Other thoughts:

  • What should "Build Now" do if there is more than one build definition? Ignoring the difference in schedules, there may be different profiles - should we have a default that is used, use the next one coming, or go to a selection page?
  • Not sure I like the links on the name and build#, but the number of links on the right was making it hard to view in a smaller resolution. Maybe we can work on replacing them by icons.
  • (evenisse) we can use checkbox for choose projects and use some buttons that run an action on all checked projects (build now, cancel build, delete). Icons will be better than links.
  • I think edit can stand to be on the view page (gotten to by the link on the project here)
  • Project group could be represented by a banner over the set of projects it represents instead of a column, perhaps with a show/hide button to fold it up and down, and a view/edit button.
  • I'm not sure a front page with just groups and then drilling down is useful, hence the fold up,down idea. What might be good when we have user accounts is to have a dashboard and to make certain project groups portlets that can go on a dashboard. Later.
  • Build summary could be inside each group as well as at the bottom for all. Any folded groups could just have the summary.