Localization of Plugins

This page documents how well the Reporting plugins have been localized, and how you can help us by providing translations in your own language.

In the table below you will find Reporting plugins that have been localized. Maven Site Plugin and Maven Project Info Reports Plugin have been localized in more languages than are shown in the table. You can see the full localization progress of Maven Site Plugin and Maven Project Info Reports Plugin on the Site Plugin site.

Reporting Plugindeesfritnlpt_BRsvl10n reportSVN
ChangelogOK-----OKl10n reportSVN
ChangesOK-OK--OKOKl10n reportSVN
CheckstyleOK-OK--OKOKl10n reportSVN
DependencyOK----OKOKl10n reportSVN
DOAPOKOKOK----l10n reportSVN
JavadocOK-OK-OK-OKl10n reportSVN
JXROK-OK---OKl10n reportSVN
PMDOK-OK---OKl10n reportSVN
PluginOK-OK---OKl10n reportSVN
Project Info ReportsOKOKOKOKOKOKOKl10n reportSVN
Surefire reportOK-----OKl10n reportSVN

Is your favourite plugin missing a localization for your language? Please help us expand the language support by following the instructions below.

Localizing a Plugin

  • Check out the source code for the plugin you want to add a translation to.
  • Find the resource bundles that needs to be translated. They are often found in the src/main/resources folder.
  • Copy the basefile for the bundle, i.e. the one without a language extension. The copy should have the same name as the original file, except for the addition of a language extension. If, for example, you want to translate the Checkstyle Plugin into Spanish, you would copy src/main/resources/checkstyle-report.properties to src/main/resources/checkstyle-report_es.properties.
  • Edit the new file and translate all the properties. Do not change the formating of the file, i.e. keep the current indentation and line breaks. This makes it easy to use a graphical diff tool to find missing keys in the file.
  • Convert the new file so that all non-US-ASCII characters are transformed into Unicode escapes, see below for a tool that can help with this.
  • Create an issue in JIRA for the plugin in question, with a description like: "Add Spanish translation". Take note of the issue number.
  • Create a patch file that contains your new translation:
    svn diff > MYISSUE-123.patch


There is a command line tool called native2ascii that can be used to convert a text file to use Unicode-encoded characters instead of native-encoded characters. This is part of the Java SDK and you can read more about it here. You use it like this:

native2ascii checkstyle-report_es.properties checkstyle-report_es-encoded.properties