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This page lists all LDAP groups and the SVN authorization groups found in the SVN authorization file, and shows the membership of the corresponding groups.

Entries in bold are ASF members.

Authorization groups are used to provide access to certain services. For example ,membership of the pmc-chairs group allows the holder to update the Unix and committee LDAP groups. However, membership of the pmc-chairs group does not necessarily mean that the holder is currently the chair of a PMC. Similarly, membership of the commons-pmc LDAP group does not necessarily mean that the holder is a member of the Commons PMC.

The official documentation for membership of PMCs is the committee-info.txt file. This requires an ASF login to view.

Membership of the Unix LDAP groups (e.g. tomcat) generally gives write access to SVN. Membership of the LDAP committee groups (e.g. tomcat-pmc) generally gives write access to the dist/release area for releasing files. The PMC may also have a private area under https://svn.apache.org/repos/private/pmc/{pmc}, in which case membership of the corresponding LDAP committee group gives both read and write access.

Entries in the "SVN ID" column link to the corresponding entry in the Committer Index.

Committers may provide homepage URLs in LDAP.
Log in to https://id.apache.org/ and populate the "Homepage URL:" field.
Any such entries appear as links in the Name column.

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