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ZooKeeper 3.0.0 Release Notes

These release notes include new developer and user facing incompatibilities, features, and major improvements.

Migration Instructions when Upgrading to 3.0.0

You should only have to read this section if you are upgrading from a previous version of ZooKeeper to version 3.0.0, otw skip down to changes

A small number of changes in this release have resulted in non-backward compatible Zookeeper client user code and server instance data. The following instructions provide details on how to migrate code and date from version 2.2.1 to version 3.0.0.

Note: ZooKeeper increments the major version number (major.minor.fix) when backward incompatible changes are made to the source base. As part of the migration from SourceForge we changed the package structure (com.yahoo.zookeeper.* to org.apache.zookeeper.*) and felt it was a good time to incorporate some changes that we had been withholding. As a result the following will be required when migrating from 2.2.1 to 3.0.0 version of ZooKeeper.

Migrating Client Code

The underlying client-server protocol has changed in version 3.0.0 of ZooKeeper. As a result clients must be upgraded along with serving clusters to ensure proper operation of the system (old pre-3.0.0 clients are not guaranteed to operate against upgraded 3.0.0 servers and vice-versa).

Watch Management

In previous releases of ZooKeeper any watches registered by clients were lost if the client lost a connection to a ZooKeeper server. This meant that developers had to track watches they were interested in and reregister them if a session disconnect event was recieved. In this release the client library tracks watches that a client has registered and reregisters the watches when a connection is made to a new server. Applications that still manually reregister interest should continue working properly as long as they are able to handle unsolicited watches. For example, an old application may register a watch for /foo and /goo, lose the connection, and reregister only /goo. As long as the application is able to recieve a notification for /foo, (probably ignoring it) it does not need to be changed. One caveat to the watch management: it is possible to miss an event for the creation and deletion of a znode if watching for creation and both the create and delete happens while the client is disconnected from ZooKeeper.

This release also allows clients to specify call specific watch functions. This gives the developer the ability to modularize logic in different watch functions rather than cramming everything in the watch function attached to the ZooKeeper handle. Call specific watch functions receive all session events for as long as they are active, but will only receive the watch callbacks for which they are registered.

Java API

  1. The java package structure has changed from com.yahoo.zookeeper* to org.apache.zookeeper*. This will probably effect all of your java code which makes use of ZooKeeper APIs (typically import statements)

  2. A number of constants used in the client ZooKeeper API were re-specified using enums (rather than ints). See ZOOKEEPER-7, ZOOKEEPER-132 and ZOOKEEPER-139 for full details

  3. ZOOKEEPER-18 removed KeeperStateChanged, use KeeperStateDisconnected instead

Also see the current java API


  1. A number of constants used in the client ZooKeeper API were renamed in order to reduce namespace collision, see ZOOKEEPER-6 for full details

Migrating Server Data

The following issues resulted in changes to the on-disk data format (the snapshot and transaction log files contained within the ZK data directory) and require a migration utility to be run.

The following must be run once, and only once, when upgrading the ZooKeeper server instances to version 3.0.0.


The <dataLogDir> and <dataDir> directories referenced below are specified by the dataLogDir and dataDir specification in your ZooKeeper config file respectively. dataLogDir defaults to the value of dataDir if not specified explicitly in the ZooKeeper server config file (in which case provide the same directory for both parameters to the upgrade utility).

  1. Shutdown the ZooKeeper server cluster.

  2. Backup your <dataLogDir> and <dataDir> directories

  3. Run upgrade using

    • bin/zkServer.sh upgrade <dataLogDir> <dataDir>


    • java -classpath pathtolog4j:pathtozookeeper.jar UpgradeMain <dataLogDir> <dataDir>

    where <dataLogDir> is the directory where all transaction logs (log.*) are stored. <dataDir> is the directory where all the snapshots (snapshot.*) are stored.

  4. Restart the cluster.

If you have any failure during the upgrade procedure keep reading to sanitize your database.

This is how upgrade works in ZooKeeper. This will help you troubleshoot in case you have problems while upgrading

  1. Upgrade moves files from <dataLogDir> and <dataDir> to <dataLogDir>/version-1/ and <dataDir>/version-1 respectively (version-1 sub-directory is created by the upgrade utility).

  2. Upgrade creates a new version sub-directory <dataDir>/version-2 and <dataLogDir>/version-2

  3. Upgrade reads the old database from <dataDir>/version-1 and <dataLogDir>/version-1 into the memory and creates a new upgraded snapshot.

  4. Upgrade writes the new database in <dataDir>/version-2.


  1. In case you start ZooKeeper 3.0 without upgrading from 2.0 on a 2.0 database - the servers will start up with an empty database. This is because the servers assume that <dataDir>/version-2 and <dataLogDir>/version-2 will have the database to start with. Since this will be empty in case of no upgrade, the servers will start with an empty database. In such a case, shutdown the ZooKeeper servers, remove the version-2 directory (remember this will lead to loss of updates after you started 3.0.) and then start the upgrade procedure.

  2. If the upgrade fails while trying to rename files into the version-1 directory, you should try and move all the files under <dataDir>/version-1 and <dataLogDir>/version-1 to <dataDir> and <dataLogDir> respectively. Then try upgrade again.

  3. If you do not wish to run with ZooKeeper 3.0 and prefer to run with ZooKeeper 2.0 and have already upgraded - you can run ZooKeeper 2 with the <dataDir> and <dataLogDir> directories changed to <dataDir>/version-1 and <dataLogDir>/version-1. Remember that you will lose all the updates that you made after the upgrade.

Migrating Server Configuration

There is a significant change to the ZooKeeper server configuration file.

The default election algorithm, specified by the electionAlg configuration attribute, has changed from a default of 0 to a default of 3. See Cluster Options section of the administrators guide, specifically the electionAlg and server.X properties.

You will either need to explicitly set electionAlg to it's previous default value of 0 or change your server.X options to include the leader election port.

Changes Since ZooKeeper 2.2.1

Version 2.2.1 code, documentation, binaries, etc... are still accessible on SourceForge

Changes Since ZooKeeper 2.2.1
Changes Since ZooKeeper 2.2.1
Issue Notes
ZOOKEEPER-43 Server side of auto reset watches.
ZOOKEEPER-132 Create Enum to replace CreateFlag in ZooKepper.create method
ZOOKEEPER-139 Create Enums for WatcherEvent's KeeperState and EventType
ZOOKEEPER-18 keeper state inconsistency
ZOOKEEPER-38 headers in log/snap files
ZOOKEEPER-8 Stat enchaned to include num of children and size
ZOOKEEPER-6 List of problem identifiers in zookeeper.h
ZOOKEEPER-7 Use enums rather than ints for types and state
ZOOKEEPER-27 Unique DB identifiers for servers and clients
ZOOKEEPER-32 CRCs for ZooKeeper data
ZOOKEEPER-33 Better ACL management
ZOOKEEPER-203 fix datadir typo in releasenotes
ZOOKEEPER-145 write detailed release notes for users migrating from 2.x to 3.0
ZOOKEEPER-23 Auto reset of watches on reconnect
ZOOKEEPER-191 forrest docs for upgrade.
ZOOKEEPER-201 validate magic number when reading snapshot and transaction logs
ZOOKEEPER-200 the magic number for snapshot and log must be different
ZOOKEEPER-199 fix log messages in persistence code
ZOOKEEPER-197 create checksums for snapshots
ZOOKEEPER-198 apache license header missing from FollowerSyncRequest.java
ZOOKEEPER-5 Upgrade Feature in Zookeeper server.
ZOOKEEPER-194 Fix terminology in zookeeperAdmin.xml
ZOOKEEPER-151 Document change to server configuration
ZOOKEEPER-193 update java example doc to compile with latest zookeeper
ZOOKEEPER-187 CreateMode api docs missing
ZOOKEEPER-186 add new "releasenotes.xml" to forrest documentation
ZOOKEEPER-190 Reorg links to docs and navs to docs into related sections
ZOOKEEPER-189 forrest build not validated xml of input documents
ZOOKEEPER-188 Check that election port is present for all servers
ZOOKEEPER-185 Improved version of FLETest
ZOOKEEPER-184 tests: An explicit include derective is needed for the usage of memcpy functions
ZOOKEEPER-183 Array subscript is above array bounds in od_completion, src/cli.c.
ZOOKEEPER-182 zookeeper_init accepts empty host-port string and returns valid pointer to zhandle_t.
ZOOKEEPER-17 zookeeper_init doc needs clarification
ZOOKEEPER-181 Some Source Forge Documents did not get moved over: javaExample, zookeeperTutorial, zookeeperInternals
ZOOKEEPER-180 Placeholder sections needed in document for new topics that the umbrella jira discusses
ZOOKEEPER-179 Programmer's Guide "Basic Operations" section is missing content
ZOOKEEPER-159 Cover two corner cases of leader election
ZOOKEEPER-156 update programmer guide with acl details from old wiki page
ZOOKEEPER-154 reliability graph diagram in overview doc needs context
ZOOKEEPER-157 Peer can't find existing leader
ZOOKEEPER-155 improve "the zookeeper project" section of overview doc
ZOOKEEPER-140 Deadlock in QuorumCnxManager
ZOOKEEPER-147 This is version of the documents with most of the [tbd...] scrubbed out
ZOOKEEPER-150 zookeeper build broken
ZOOKEEPER-136 sync causes hang in all followers of quorum.
ZOOKEEPER-134 findbugs cleanup
ZOOKEEPER-133 hudson tests failing intermittently
ZOOKEEPER-144 add tostring support for watcher event, and enums for event type/state
ZOOKEEPER-21 Improve zk ctor/watcher
ZOOKEEPER-142 Provide Javadoc as to the maximum size of the data byte array that may be stored within a znode
ZOOKEEPER-93 Create Documentation for Zookeeper
ZOOKEEPER-117 threading issues in Leader election
ZOOKEEPER-137 client watcher objects can lose events
ZOOKEEPER-131 Old leader election can elect a dead leader over and over again
ZOOKEEPER-130 update build.xml to support apache release process
ZOOKEEPER-118 findbugs flagged switch statement in followerrequestprocessor.run
ZOOKEEPER-115 Potential NPE in QuorumCnxManager
ZOOKEEPER-114 cleanup ugly event messages in zookeeper client
ZOOKEEPER-112 src/java/main ZooKeeper.java has test code embedded into it.
ZOOKEEPER-39 Use Watcher objects rather than boolean on read operations.
ZOOKEEPER-97 supports optional output directory in code generator.
ZOOKEEPER-101 Integrate ZooKeeper with "violations" feature on hudson
ZOOKEEPER-105 Catch Zookeeper exceptions and print on the stderr.
ZOOKEEPER-42 Change Leader Election to fast tcp.
ZOOKEEPER-48 auth_id now handled correctly when no auth ids present
ZOOKEEPER-44 Create sequence flag children with prefixes of 0's so that they can be lexicographically sorted.
ZOOKEEPER-108 Fix sync operation reordering on a Quorum.
ZOOKEEPER-25 Fuse module for Zookeeper.
ZOOKEEPER-58 Race condition on ClientCnxn.java
ZOOKEEPER-56 Add clover support to build.xml.
ZOOKEEPER-75 register the ZooKeeper mailing lists with nabble.com
ZOOKEEPER-54 remove sleeps in the tests.
ZOOKEEPER-55 build.xml failes to retrieve a release number from SVN and the ant target "dist" fails
ZOOKEEPER-89 invoke WhenOwnerListener.whenNotOwner when the ZK connection fails
ZOOKEEPER-90 invoke WhenOwnerListener.whenNotOwner when the ZK session expires and the znode is the leader
ZOOKEEPER-82 Make the ZooKeeperServer more DI friendly.
ZOOKEEPER-110 Build script relies on svnant, which is not compatible with subversion 1.5 working copies
ZOOKEEPER-111 Significant cleanup of existing tests.
ZOOKEEPER-122 Fix NPE in jute's Utils.toCSVString.
ZOOKEEPER-123 Fix the wrong class is specified for the logger.
ZOOKEEPER-2 Fix synchronization issues in QuorumPeer and FastLeader election.
ZOOKEEPER-125 Remove unwanted class declaration in FastLeaderElection.
ZOOKEEPER-61 Address in client/server test cases.
ZOOKEEPER-75 cleanup the library directory
ZOOKEEPER-109 cleanup of NPE and Resource issue nits found by static analysis
ZOOKEEPER-76 Commit 677109 removed the cobertura library, but not the build targets.
ZOOKEEPER-63 Race condition in client close
ZOOKEEPER-70 Add skeleton forrest doc structure for ZooKeeper
ZOOKEEPER-79 Document jacob's leader election on the wiki recipes page
ZOOKEEPER-73 Move ZK wiki from SourceForge to Apache
ZOOKEEPER-72 Initial creation/setup of ZooKeeper ASF site.
ZOOKEEPER-71 Determine what to do re ZooKeeper Changelog
ZOOKEEPER-68 parseACLs in ZooKeeper.java fails to parse elements of ACL, should be lastIndexOf rather than IndexOf
ZOOKEEPER-130 update build.xml to support apache release process.
ZOOKEEPER-131 Fix Old leader election can elect a dead leader over and over again.
ZOOKEEPER-137 client watcher objects can lose events
ZOOKEEPER-117 threading issues in Leader election
ZOOKEEPER-128 test coverage on async client operations needs to be improved
ZOOKEEPER-127 Use of non-standard election ports in config breaks services
ZOOKEEPER-53 tests failing on solaris.
ZOOKEEPER-41 Sample startup script
ZOOKEEPER-33 Better ACL management
ZOOKEEPER-49 SetACL does not work
ZOOKEEPER-20 Child watches are not triggered when the node is deleted
ZOOKEEPER-15 handle failure better in build.xml:test
ZOOKEEPER-11 ArrayList is used instead of List
ZOOKEEPER-45 Restructure the SVN repository after initial import
ZOOKEEPER-1 Initial ZooKeeper code contribution from Yahoo!