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Packages that use MetaPattern
org.apache.wicket.util.parse.metapattern Regular Expressions meta pattern support. 
org.apache.wicket.util.parse.metapattern.parsers Regular Expressions meta pattern parsers. 
org.apache.wicket.util.value This package provides casting utilities. 
org.apache.wicket.validation.validator This package provides an implementation of Wicket's validation support. 

Uses of MetaPattern in org.apache.wicket.util.parse.metapattern

Subclasses of MetaPattern in org.apache.wicket.util.parse.metapattern
 class BooleanGroup
          A Group that captures case-sensitive boolean values "true" or "false".
 class FloatingPointGroup
          A Group that captures floating point values (doubles and floats).
 class Group
          A Group is a piece of a regular expression (referenced by some Java field or local variable) that forms a "capturing group" within the larger regular expression.
 class IntegerGroup
          A Group that captures integer values (positive and negative whole numbers, not Java ints).
 class OptionalMetaPattern
          Makes any MetaPattern optional by enclosing the pattern in an optionality expression.

Fields in org.apache.wicket.util.parse.metapattern declared as MetaPattern
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.AMPERSAND
          Constant for ampersand.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.ANYTHING
          Constant for anything (string).
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.ANYTHING_NON_EMPTY
          Constant for anything non-empty (string).
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.AT_SIGN
          Constant for at.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.BACKSLASH
          Constant for backslash.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.COLON
          Constant for colon.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.COMMA
          Constant for comma.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.DASH
          Constant for dash.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.DIGIT
          Constant for digit.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.DIGITS
          Constant for digits.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.DOLLAR_SIGN
          Constant for dollar.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.DOT
          Constant for dot.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.DOUBLE_QUOTED_STRING
          Constant for a double quoted string.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.EQUALS
          Constant for equals.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.EXCLAMATION_POINT
          Constant for excl.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.FLOATING_POINT_NUMBER
          Constant for a floating point number.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.HEXADECIMAL_DIGIT
          Constant for hex digit.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.HEXADECIMAL_DIGITS
          Constant for hex digits.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.INTEGER
          Constant for an integer (of any size).
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.LEFT_CURLY
          Constant for left curly braces.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.LEFT_PAREN
          Constant for left paren.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.LEFT_SQUARE
          Constant for left square bracket.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.MINUS
          Constant for minus.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.NON_WORD
          Constant for non-word.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.OPTIONAL_STRING
          Constant for an optional string.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.OPTIONAL_WHITESPACE
          Constant for optional whitespace.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.OPTIONAL_WORD
          Constant for an optional word.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.PERCENT
          Constant for percent.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.PERL_INTERPOLATION
          Constant for perl interpolation.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.PIPE
          Constant for pipe.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.PLUS
          Constant for plus.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.POSITIVE_INTEGER
          Constant for a positive integer.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.POUND_SIGN
          Constant for pound.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.RIGHT_CURLY
          Constant for right curly braces.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.RIGHT_PAREN
          Constant for right paren.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.RIGHT_SQUARE
          Constant for right square bracket.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.SEMICOLON
          Constant for semicolon.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.SLASH
          Constant for slash.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.STAR
          Constant for star.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.STRING
          Constant for a string.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.TILDE
          Constant for tilde.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.UNDERSCORE
          Constant for underscore.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.VARIABLE_NAME
          Constant for a variable name.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.WHITESPACE
          Constant for whitespace.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.WORD
          Constant for a word.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.XML_ATTRIBUTE_NAME
          Constant for an XML attribute name.
static MetaPattern MetaPattern.XML_ELEMENT_NAME
          Constant for an XML element name.

Constructors in org.apache.wicket.util.parse.metapattern with parameters of type MetaPattern
Group(MetaPattern pattern)
IntegerGroup(MetaPattern pattern)
          Constructs an IntegerGroup that parses Strings that match the given pattern in base 10.
IntegerGroup(MetaPattern pattern, int radix)
          Constructs an IntegerGroup that parses Strings that match the given pattern in the given radix.
MetaPattern(MetaPattern pattern)
          Copy constructor.
MetaPattern(MetaPattern[] patterns)
          Constructs from an array of MetaPatterns.
OptionalMetaPattern(MetaPattern pattern)
OptionalMetaPattern(MetaPattern[] patterns)

Constructor parameters in org.apache.wicket.util.parse.metapattern with type arguments of type MetaPattern
MetaPattern(List<MetaPattern> patterns)
          Constructs from a list of MetaPatterns
OptionalMetaPattern(List<MetaPattern> patterns)

Uses of MetaPattern in org.apache.wicket.util.parse.metapattern.parsers

Methods in org.apache.wicket.util.parse.metapattern.parsers with parameters of type MetaPattern
protected  boolean MetaPatternParser.advance(MetaPattern pattern)
          Advance parsing to the next element.
 void MetaPatternParser.setPattern(MetaPattern pattern)

Constructors in org.apache.wicket.util.parse.metapattern.parsers with parameters of type MetaPattern
ListParser(MetaPattern entryPattern, MetaPattern separatorPattern, CharSequence input)
          Constructs a list parser from an entry MetaPattern, a separator MetaPattern and an input character sequence.
MetaPatternParser(MetaPattern pattern, CharSequence input)
          Construct the parser and initialize the matcher with the pattern given.
VariableAssignmentParser(CharSequence input, MetaPattern valuePattern)
          Construct a variable assignment parser against a given input character sequence

Uses of MetaPattern in org.apache.wicket.util.value

Constructors in org.apache.wicket.util.value with parameters of type MetaPattern
ValueMap(String keyValuePairs, String delimiter, MetaPattern valuePattern)

Uses of MetaPattern in org.apache.wicket.validation.validator

Constructors in org.apache.wicket.validation.validator with parameters of type MetaPattern
PatternValidator(MetaPattern pattern)
          Constructor that accepts a MetaPattern argument.

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