Class ColumnLocation

  extended by org.apache.wicket.extensions.markup.html.tree.table.ColumnLocation
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, IClusterable

public class ColumnLocation
extends Object
implements IClusterable

This class represents location of a column in tree table.

First attribute of location is alignment. Alignment specifies, whether the column is located on the left side of the table, on the right side, or in the middle. Columns in the middle of the table take all space between columns on the left and columns on the right.

Next two attributes are size and unit:

Matej Knopp
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Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
static class ColumnLocation.Alignment
          Alignment of the column.
static class ColumnLocation.Unit
Constructor Summary
ColumnLocation(ColumnLocation.Alignment alignment, int size, ColumnLocation.Unit unit)
          Constructs the ColumnLocation object.
Method Summary
 ColumnLocation.Alignment getAlignment()
          Returns the allignment of this column.
 int getSize()
          Returns the size of this column.
 ColumnLocation.Unit getUnit()
          Returns the unit of a column.
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Constructor Detail


public ColumnLocation(ColumnLocation.Alignment alignment,
                      int size,
                      ColumnLocation.Unit unit)
Constructs the ColumnLocation object.

alignment - The column alignment
size - The column size in expressed in the provided unit
unit - The unit that the size argument is expressed in
IllegalArgumentException - if the unit does not matche the alignment
Method Detail


public ColumnLocation.Alignment getAlignment()
Returns the allignment of this column.

The alignment of this column


public int getSize()
Returns the size of this column.

The size of this column


public ColumnLocation.Unit getUnit()
Returns the unit of a column.

The unit of this column

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