Interface IBreadCrumbPanelFactory

All Superinterfaces:
IClusterable, Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface IBreadCrumbPanelFactory
extends IClusterable

Factory interface to enabled deferred creation of a bread crumb panel while getting the proper id for creation. Mainly meant for supporting BreadCrumbPanel.activate(IBreadCrumbPanelFactory).

Method Summary
 BreadCrumbPanel create(String componentId, IBreadCrumbModel breadCrumbModel)
          Creates a new bread crumb panel instance.

Method Detail


BreadCrumbPanel create(String componentId,
                       IBreadCrumbModel breadCrumbModel)
Creates a new bread crumb panel instance. The provided component id must be used when creating the panel.

componentId - The component id for the new panel.
breadCrumbModel - The bread crumb model
A new bread crumb panel instance

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