Class SessionTotalSizeModel

  extended by org.apache.wicket.model.LoadableDetachableModel<Bytes>
      extended by org.apache.wicket.devutils.inspector.SessionTotalSizeModel
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, IClusterable, IDetachable, IModel<Bytes>

public class SessionTotalSizeModel
extends LoadableDetachableModel<Bytes>

See Also:
Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
SessionTotalSizeModel(Session session)
Method Summary
protected  Bytes load()
          Loads and returns the (temporary) model object.
protected  void onDetach()
          Detaches from the current request.
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Constructor Detail


public SessionTotalSizeModel(Session session)
Method Detail


protected Bytes load()
Description copied from class: LoadableDetachableModel
Loads and returns the (temporary) model object.

Specified by:
load in class LoadableDetachableModel<Bytes>
the (temporary) model object


protected void onDetach()
Description copied from class: LoadableDetachableModel
Detaches from the current request. Implement this method with custom behavior, such as setting the model object to null.

onDetach in class LoadableDetachableModel<Bytes>

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