JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-6366 Resolved Spelling error in documentation
Bug UIMA-6367 Resolved JCas cover annotation created in PEAR context replaced during index operations
Bug UIMA-6377 Resolved Spurious multipleReferencesAllowed warning when serializing empty arrays
Bug UIMA-6378 Resolved Java SDK does not build on Java 16
Bug UIMA-6386 Resolved Wrong session set on ConfigurationManager in aggregates
Bug UIMA-6387 Resolved Update p2 repo URLs from http to https
Bug UIMA-6388 Resolved CAS.select(null) returns all annotations
Bug UIMA-6389 Resolved Logger_common_impl swallows exception
Bug UIMA-6390 Resolved NPE when trying to access config names of fresh context
Bug UIMA-6393 Resolved Circular imports break resource manager cache
Bug UIMA-6398 Resolved Classloader paradoxon and memory leak in UIMA loggers
Bug UIMA-6400 Resolved UimaContextHolder threadlocal can leak
Bug UIMA-6401 Resolved CPE ThreadGroupDestroyer keeps unnecessary reference on CPMEngine
Bug UIMA-6402 Resolved Flipping test? IntArrayRBTTest.testLargeInsertsDeletes
Bug UIMA-6413 Resolved Memory leak in FSClassRegistry
Bug UIMA-6421 Resolved Can inject String value into StringArray slot
Bug UIMA-6423 Resolved Selecting a non-existing type returns all types
Bug UIMA-6434 Resolved Some launch configs do not work
Bug UIMA-6435 Resolved Vinci example descriptors do not work
Improvement UIMA-6265 Resolved Drop SOAP support from UIMAv3
Improvement UIMA-6321 Resolved Upgrade to xmlunit 2 (UIMA Java SDK)
Improvement UIMA-6354 Resolved Limit permitted JDK to minimal JDK for release builds
Improvement UIMA-6372 Resolved Upgrade from JUnit 3 to JUnit 4 to JUnit 5
Improvement UIMA-6373 Resolved Format UIMA Core Java SDK codebase
Improvement UIMA-6397 Resolved Remove unnecessary code from Class_TCCL.java
Improvement UIMA-6403 Resolved Update dependencies
Improvement UIMA-6412 Resolved Stop using ThreadGroup in CPMEngine
Improvement UIMA-6415 Resolved Deprecate unused IntArrayRBT and CompIntArrayRBT
Improvement UIMA-6416 Resolved Update dependencies
Improvement UIMA-6420 Resolved Remove unnecessary scm tags from pom
Improvement UIMA-6430 Resolved PearPackagingMavenPlugin uses commons-io jar with CVE
New Feature UIMA-6358 Resolved ResourceManager_impl should provide a more robust way to register multiple datapaths
New Feature UIMA-6418 Resolved Support additional parameters value types
New Feature UIMA-6431 Resolved Use lambda functions as CAS processors