JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-5961 Resolved InternationalizedException getLocalizedMessage fails in pear
Bug UIMA-6047 Resolved uv3 deserialization of typed arrays could be faulty in edge case
Bug UIMA-6054 Resolved JCasGen generating warnings by creating deprecated constructors
Bug UIMA-6055 Resolved JCasGen adds unused imports if class has no new features
Bug UIMA-6056 Resolved JCasGen for producing FSArray is a raw type warning
Bug UIMA-6057 Resolved Avoid falsely switching classloader
Bug UIMA-6064 Resolved External DTD usage in XML descriptors disabled during build revision upgrade
Bug UIMA-6094 Resolved Component Description Editor not compatible with current Eclipse versions
Improvement UIMA-6025 Resolved uv3 extend migration tool to work on a single Java source file
Improvement UIMA-6042 Resolved casCompare: add showProgress mode, and a sort fs array with dedup
Improvement UIMA-6043 Resolved uv3 add -D flag to report on feature structure pinning
Improvement UIMA-6060 Resolved uv3 support shared, typed, 0-length FSArrays
Improvement UIMA-6087 Resolved uima core: update to UIMA Parent 13
Improvement UIMA-6088 Resolved uv3 remove duplicate resourcebundle cache for internationalized exceptions
Improvement UIMA-6090 Resolved refactor I18n exception and runtime exception to use common code
Improvement UIMA-6096 Resolved save specially built test cases for particular Jiras
Task UIMA-6108 Resolved uv3 switch version to 3.1.0