JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-5913 Resolved Nullpointer Exception when closing a UIMAAnnotationViewer window
Bug UIMA-5925 Closed Fix null error in AnnotationStyle.equals
Bug UIMA-5935 Resolved Destroy the ResourceManager on destroy of a pear
Bug UIMA-5974 Resolved uv3 unnecessary API change from v2 breaking binary compatibility
Bug UIMA-5976 Resolved uv3 support additional JCas / type system use case
Bug UIMA-6016 Resolved uv3 subiterator handling of some edge cases incorrect
Improvement UIMA-5920 Closed Refactor the CAS Editor to use Java 8 features
Improvement UIMA-5921 Closed Refactor code to use Java 8 collection features
Improvement UIMA-5926 Resolved Remove IBM UIMA to Apache UIMA migration tool
Improvement UIMA-5930 Closed use StandardCharsets constants if possible
Improvement UIMA-5931 Resolved Use try-with-resources where possible
Improvement UIMA-5991 Resolved uv3 augment Cas Compare to allow for a series of accomodations
Improvement UIMA-6017 Resolved uv3 make cascompare more useful by eliminating duplicate reporting
Task UIMA-5908 Resolved deprecate ResourceManagerPearWrapper - no longer used
Task UIMA-6018 Resolved uv3 change release number 3.0.2 to 3.1.0