JIRA Report

Type Key Status Summary
Bug UIMA-5369 Resolved java9 javadoc requires defs for annotations
Bug UIMA-5715 Resolved uv3 jcasgen from Eclipse plugin, limited, fails on some levels of Eclipse
Bug UIMA-5740 Resolved uv3 check missing in get/set feature value
Bug UIMA-5797 Resolved ResourceManager doesn't close its UIMAClassLoader
Bug UIMA-5798 Resolved The verification of a PEAR let the files locked
Bug UIMA-5799 Resolved PEAR installation locks files permanently
Bug UIMA-5801 Resolved Performance degradation of jCas.reset when repeatedly used in different analysisEngines
Bug UIMA-5826 Resolved asList() ignores limit
Bug UIMA-5827 Resolved SelectFS has no isEmpty() method
Bug UIMA-5828 Resolved Unable to fetch preceding annotations in order
Bug UIMA-5829 Resolved `between` throws an exception for overlapping annotations
Bug UIMA-5830 Resolved Unable to select from the end
Bug UIMA-5839 Resolved uv3 getType on FSIterator fails for empty iterator - no index available
Bug UIMA-5841 Resolved uv3 getArray and size, for Subiterator broken
Bug UIMA-5844 Resolved SelectFS.following doesn't work
Bug UIMA-5904 Resolved uv3 work around Java 11 build issue with ByteBuffer return type change
Documentation UIMA-5831 Resolved uv3 select doc incorrect for preceding/following
Documentation UIMA-5832 Resolved uv3 select doc/javadoc incorrect for following
Improvement UIMA-5730 Resolved Using parameters of PearSpecifier for configuring wrapped analysis engine description
Improvement UIMA-5741 Resolved protect UIMA Class loader in multi-threaded get resource contexts
Improvement UIMA-5753 Resolved Get UIMA compile on Java 11
Improvement UIMA-5754 Resolved UimaBootstrap impl depends on URLClassLoader, not available in Java 9+
Improvement UIMA-5802 Resolved UIMA Class Loader to incorporate Thread context class loader
Improvement UIMA-5803 Resolved UIMA Class loader to record if it has been closed
Improvement UIMA-5833 Resolved uv3 add size method to fs iterators
Improvement UIMA-5834 Resolved uv3 add implementations for methods in FilteredIterator
Improvement UIMA-5835 Resolved uv3 add low level iterator method to get an array of the items
Improvement UIMA-5836 Resolved uv3 select don't throw exception for specifying strict with sameBeginEnd
Improvement UIMA-5837 Resolved uv3 add junit tests for select
Improvement UIMA-5840 Resolved uv3 fix generics use in selectFs and iterators and indexes
Improvement UIMA-5848 Resolved uv3 improve impl of FSIterator.size(), add tests
Improvement UIMA-5901 Resolved workaround broken invoker transitivity when releasing
Improvement UIMA-5902 Resolved use ThreadLocal Context Class Loader for loading UIMA resources
New Feature UIMA-5763 Resolved UIMA: need a way to lock a CAS to prevent user from releasing it prematurely
Question UIMA-5846 Resolved Order in SelectFS
Task UIMA-5765 Resolved uimaj move to parent-pom 11, remove no-longer-needed things in uimaj parent pom
Task UIMA-5896 Resolved uv3: (java 11) remove small dependency on javax xml bind code